What is a PPS?

Package Pumping Station (Wikipedia)

In more recent times, a ‘package pumping station’ provides an efficient and economic way of installing a drainage system. They are suitable for mechanical building services collection and pumping of liquids like surface water, wastewater or sewage from areas where drainage by gravity is not possible.

A package pumping station is an integrated system, built in a housing manufactured from strong, impact-resistant polyethylene or glass-reinforced plastic. The unit is supplied with internal pipework fitted, pre-assembled ready for installation into the ground, after which the submersible pumps and control equipment are fitted. Features may include controls for fully automatic operation; a high-level alarm indication, in the event of pump failure; and possibly a guide-rail/auto-coupling/pedestal system, to permit easy removal of pumps for maintenance.

Compared to the conventional alternative of a concrete well and separate pump system, a packaged system offers the potential for reducing the cost and time involved with civil work and site labour.


Packaged Pumping Stations to Connect Low Lying Properties onto Mains Drainage.

Over many years of new, intense housing and commercial development, the prime location sites where sewage/storm water could be disposed of by gravity into the public sewerage system have long ago been used up. By the use of a Packaged Pumping Station, low lying properties or properties built a distance away from the sewer can now be easily connected.

A Packaged Pumping Station is sometimes also called:-

  • “Package Pumping Station”
  • “Pumping Station”
  • “Pump Station”
  • “Lifting Station”
  • “Pump Sump”
  • “Pumping Tank”
  • “Klargester”
  • “Digester”
  • “Flygt”
  • “Macerator Pump/Tank”
  • “Grinder Pump/Tank”

There are 3 permutations of the internals of the pumping stations:-

  • 1st: Single “Free Standing”
  • 2nd: Single “Guide Rail”
  • 3rd: Dual “Guide Rail”

And subject to physically fitting into each tank (respectively), we offer the following tanks:-

Key: F.S = Free Standing, G.R = Guide Rail
Example: 1 x G.R = Single Guide Rail, 2 x G.R = Dual Guide Rail etc etc…

Excerpt taken from ‘The Building Regulations, Approved Document H’

Pumping installations:

2.36 – Where gravity drainage is impracticable, or protection against flooding due to surcharge in downstream sewers is required, a pumping installation will be needed.

2.37 – Package pumping installations are available which are suitable for installation within buildings. Floor mounted units may be particularly suited for installation in basements. These should conform to BS EN 12050. Pumping installations for use inside buildings should be designed in accordance with BS EN 12056-4.

2.38 – Package pumping installations suitable for installation outside buildings are also available. Guidance on the design of pumping installations for use outside buildings may be found in BS EN 752-6.

2.39 – Where foul water drainage from a building is to be pumped, the effluent receiving chamber should be sized to contain 24-hour inflow to allow for disruption in service. The minimum daily discharge of foul drainage should be taken as 150 litres per head per day for domestic use. For other types of building, the capacity of the receiving chamber should be based on the calculated daily demand of the water intake for the building. Where only a proportion of the foul sewage is to be pumped, then the capacity should be based pro-rata. In all pumped systems the controls should be so arranged to optimise pump operation.

We Call It Size Takes
Mini Sump (1.25) 600mm Internal Diameter x 1.25M Tall 1 x Free-Standing
Mini Sump (2.00) 600mm Internal Diameter x 2M Tall 1 x Free-Standing
Midi Sump 750mm Internal Diameter x 2M Tall 1 x Free-Standing
1.2 / 1.5 1200mm Internal Diameter x 1.5M Tall 1 x F.S, 1 x G.R and 2 x G.R
1.2 / 2.1 1200mm Internal Diameter x 2.1M Tall 1 x F.S, 1 x G.R and 2 x G.R
1.5 / 1.9 1500mm Internal Diameter x 1.9M Tall 1 x F.S, 1 x G.R and 2 x G.R
H2400 Horizontal 1330mm Diameter x 2050 Long x 1600 Tall (Inc Turret) 1 x F.S, 1 x G.R and 2 x G.R
Also 3 x Drainhog Tanks