Sewage Pump Servicing & Maintenance

Sewage Pump Servicing – 5-Year Warranties Available with Ongoing Servicing for Sewage/Drainage Pumps and associated equipment.

  • Hose or jet-wash the sump-internals/pumps
    Note: – a suitable water supply adjacent station to be provided by client.
  • Breakdown and remove crust from surface of water within sump.
  • Check pumps for any blockages and remove same.
  • Check for free rotation of impellers/visually check condition of same.
  • Audibly check motor bearings for noise.
  • Check condition of motor oil, noting any ‘milky’ appearance indicating mechanical seal failure
  • Strip *volutes to expose impellers & seals.
    Inspect condition of mechanical seals.
  • *Replenish motor oil as required.
  • Clean and inspect condition of neoprene cabling and glands on pumps and floatswitches.
  • Remove inspection covers on non-return valves. Check and remove any blockages.
  • Check for correct seating of flaps/sealing. Lubricate and refit covers.
  • *Rotate and lubricate isolation valves to ensure correct operation.
  • Inspect and note any corrosion to pipework/valves within sump.
  • Lift floatswitches and check correct auto sequence.
  • Carry out ‘megger’ test (insulation resistance test) to motor windings noting any low readings.
  • Check any electrical junctions/boxes/connectors. Dry out and re-make/re-seal (as required)
  • Carry out clamp-meter tests noting correct running current of pump motors.
  • *Open control-panel and check for correct movement of motor starter contacts.
  • Inspect and note wear to same.
  • *Check all panel bulbs and audible sounders. Report any replacements required.
  • *Check discharge stools, guide rails and upper support brackets noting any corrosion.
  • Check pump lifting chains, shackles and hooks noting and corrosion.
  • General condition – check and report upon the general condition of sump and access opening.* Where applicable


before sewage pump service


Problems often associated with pump systems that are not regularly serviced include: Build-up of grease / fat. Float switches becoming incorrectly positioned / slipping (causing pumps to run continuously and fail prematurely) and pumps / floats / control systems to fail, if they are not correctly and regularly maintained by qualified engineers.

surface inspection


Our team of highly experienced and qualified pumps engineers, will ensure your pump system is fully cleansed and serviced to the highest possible standards, to ensure longevity and trouble free operation, keeping you pumping!

after cleaning


We offer a highly sophisticated follow-up / scheduling system, meaning you are contacted in a timely manner, ensuring that a routine service to your pump system is never missed again.